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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hittsburgh ain't Never Souled Out

Ton of stuff going on in Hittsburgh - I'll be as brief as possible.

Big news, obviously, is Never Souled Out this Saturday night - nearly double-digit DJs spinning Northern Soul, Deep Funk, Motown, and other yummy goodness (including, of course, your Soulcialism pals). There's a piece in the City Paper HERE, and a blurb in the P-G HERE, if you're looking for some kind of media validation.

Sunday night is the large-and-in-charge Solomon Burke at Hartwood Acres. I saw Burke a few times in 2002 and believe-thou-I, it is amongst the only shows my slow-and-old ass would still rate as 'not-to-be-missed'. Check out Ed Masley's interview with the King HERE, or my li'l preview HERE, or, of course, the man's website HERE.

And for a great read, check out Tube City Almanac's piece - Long Backup on the (Cameo) Parkway Finally Ends - HERE. A nice rundown on the Cameo/Parkway label catalog's sordid past, done by good people over in the rare-vinyl capitol of earth, McKeesport!


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