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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Soulcialist Goings-On

The new year has rung in bright and bubbly in Soulcialist Party Workers headquarters here in the capitol of Appalachia and the Rust Belt. For one thing, there was the blustery and brain-clouded manner of the end of '05 - SOULCIALISM at the White Eagle on 12/30, which proved to be one of the odder evenings of our brief history: With the holidaze came a largely newcomer crowd to the Iggle, lots of new faces and some truly bad drunken dancing. Loved it. Pure outta hand.

Then there came confirmation of the next big thing in Pittsburgh's northern soul continuum: On January 20, 2006, we're proud to welcome back to the decks Mr. DES PARKER, current big-dog in the U.K.'s explosive newies scene, bringing sounds you've probably never heard before, as well as first-time visitor and guest of honor (I s'pose), Mr. JOHNNY BEGGS, a veteran of the U.K. northern scene going back to the days when Sir used to spin at the Golden Torch in Stoke, one of the founding-father clubs of northern soul. Today, Beggs runs the popular STEAM all-niter in Crewe, at the forefront of introducing newly discovered '60s soul to the northern crowd.

Finally, '06 is starting out great because Johnno recently pointed out to me that February will mark THREE YEARS of Soulcialism, from our premature start at Zythos (yikes!) to our almost-but-not-quite mature present at the Iggle.

Hope to have some more fotos for you soon from last time, and some other news and info coming up. And with a li'l luck, I'll remember to update this a wee bit more often. Thanks for the patience!


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