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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soul Philosophy: Miss Shing-A-Ling visits Soulcialism This Friday

Soulcialism - Juddy & Johnno with guest Miss Shing-A-Ling
10pm Fri., July 21
White Eagle, 11th & Freyburg, South Side

Soul Plumbers Unite! You have nothing to lose but your "Chains of Love" (Wand)

Soulcialism started out with a very simple premise: Northern Soul - the uptempo, mod, 60s and 70s records so adored by the people of northern England (and of Pittsburgh!) - had been usurped by a host of money-oriented record collectors; people who'd, too often, gotten far away from the scene's origins in frantic, desperate good times at raging parties. Our job was to help Pittsburgh join the burgeoning international northern fraternity, without giving in to the one-upsmanship and elitism of that circuit.

...And we've done a fine job. In the years we've been at the White Eagle, we've never charged a cover, we've raised loads o' $$ for New Orleans post-Katrina, we've given away hundreds of copies of a half-dozen or more free CDs packed with Soul music rare and common. We'd like to think that we've kept soul from becoming mere commodity in this town - bought and sold by the tailored-suit mafia and their ilk.

...And we've reaped the rewards: The parties seem to get better every month - June's felt like a landmark, with some of the sweatiest dancing and most uplifting atmosphere we've had yet. Plus, the guests keep stopping by our little dive-bar on the south side - the 'club-least-likely-to', in many ways. We've had multiple guests from the UK northern scene remark on how much Soulcialism is like the 'old days,' or the 'early days,' at the Twisted Wheel or the Torch. No greater compliment could come through: Our sweaty, dingey dive is part of a long line of sweaty, dingey dives in neglected neighborhoods where soul music finds its seat.

...It all continues Friday night at the Eagle, when one of America's top northern jocks, MISS SHING-A-LING (NYC) - with links to Subway Soul Club, Hitsville Soul Club, and Jazzman Records - drops by to drop science on us. Let's show her that we may dress like plumbers and hippies, and we may drink and swear like sailors and barflies, but we get down like nobody from coast to coast!


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