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Friday, August 24, 2007

Rhythm Riot: New R&B

Hey! It's that time of the week - time to shimmy & shake to the Friday Night Rhythm Riot!

I've been remiss in my DJing duties of late, but plan on being back with the Riot whenever possible for the next few weeks. And in case you aren't aware, next Thursday - AUGUST 30 - is my birfussday. And in celebration, I've tricked the Big Throwback kids into having me as a guest DJ at the Brillo Box - I'll be playing 70s Northern Soul and "modern", plus some deep funk and a lot lot lot of BOOGALOO!!

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Hope to see yinz there.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW RHYTHM RIOT MIX - all steamy R&B, some serious shakers and quakers, as well as some "belgian" style popcorn bits for the dreamers. And it starts out with one of the best tracks ever to come outta Pittsburgh - Art Falls on Nautilus!

Here's a tracklist:

Art Falls – I Want you Baby – Nautilus
Maxine Brown – You Upset My Soul – Wand
Derek Martin – Daddy Rollin’ Stone – Crackerjack
Lee Tillman – Will Travel – Ron
Cornell Blakely – I Want My Share – Rich
Betty Lavette – What I Don’t Know – Calla
Professor Shake ’Em Up – Why You Wanna Leave Me – Double L
Ray Daniels with Rick & the Ravens – Soul Train – Aura
Ray Pettis – Don’t Use Me – Ex
Ernestine Anderson – Keep an Eye on Love – Juke Box (boot)
Marilyn Brown – Walk on the Wild Side – Dra
Joe Simon – When – Sound Stage 7
Dorothy & the Hesitations – Trying to Work a Plan – Jamie
Vernon & Jewell – That’s a Rockin’ Good Way – Kent
Freddy & the Kinfolk – Blabbermouth – Dade
Elmore James – Rollin’ and Tumblin’ – Fire
Mary De Loach – Move This Thing (Pt. 1) – Arctic



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