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Monday, August 29, 2005

Soulcialism last Friday

Thanks to everyone who came out, danced the mashed potato, sucked down several barrels and a thousand cases of bev-er-age, and had what seemed to generally be regarded as a damned fine time Friday night at the Eagle. Special bigups to Mary and Willis and urraybody at the iggle. The dancefloor was packed - at one point, according to Johnno, the entire floor of the building was shaking - and very sweaty, and little pockets of extra-dance broke out in the adjunct room and the entrance hall room. Nice-up.

I was particularly excited to see some of the new thangs we had on offer go down a storm Friday: "Love Factory" by Eloise Laws in particular, but also the Skull Snaps ("My Hang Up Is You") which we haven't played for a year or two, Millie Jackson's "My Man, A Sweet Man", and, of course, the Soulcialism classic-to-be "Cashin' In" by Voices of East Harlem.

The big news now, of course, is that next Friday, Sept. 9, sees the return of Des and Paul from the U.K. These guys are both Northern Soul collectors going back to the Wigan Casino days (Paul was at the Casino's FIRST EVER all-niter), and are stopping by Pittsburgh on their cross-country trip just to come and play records and hang out at Soulcialism. Let's show 'em a good time, eh?


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