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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wrap-up/N.O.L.A./Martha Reeves

G. Davis and R. Tyler released "Hold On Help Is On The Way" as an Aaron Neville single - he was, after all, the name in New Orleans music; they, just the Parlo label owners. I think it was when Des Parker played "Hold On..." - one of my all-time favorite northern soul records - and I drained a yearning Straub in order to rush out and muss up the dance floor, that I picked Friday as Soulcialism's best-yet installment.

Be proud, Pittsburgh: Despite the Eagle's rep for cheapness, and the Soulcialism crowd's adoration of said low-cost lovin', we raised over $450 for the Tipitina's Foundation - the venerable N'Awlins' club's non-profit group now focusing its attentions on housing and other help for members of the Big Easy musicians' diaspora. (A portion of donations will also go to WWOZ Radio, America's best radio station, decimated by the flooding, yet still on the air, cuz that's how they roll.) That's slightly more than I had dreamt we'd do, $$-wise, and loot's still coming in - the CD your Soulcialist Party Workers concocted of N.O. northern and funk is still churning up the odd donation, so watch that number rise!

Des and Paul Cross brought in a box of rarities - including some Pittsburgh stuff, like the Dell-Vikings' "Finger Poppin' Woman" on local Fee Bee Records - and launched the local career for at least one new bona fide Soulcialism mega-hit. I've got a couple photos from Friday on their way, so watch this spot for those, too.

This coming weekend brings Martha Reeves and the Vandellas to the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts House Party on Friday night. (Check out tickets HERE.)Been swooning to the Watchout! album by Ms. Reeves, and lemme tell ya - if I could, I'd vote her into office just on the basis of "One Way Out".

Thanks again - we'll see ya next time On the Real Side.


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