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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Santa Go Straight to the Eagle

First things first: Soulcialism, Friday, December 15, White Eagle.

OK, so, it’s ridiculous how many brilliant new records have fallen into the lap of the Soulcialist Party Workers over the past few months. And it’s more ridiculous that, like some kind of Soul Scrooges, most of them have been kept huddled away in the dark, miserly recesses of our record boxes.

So this month, at the December 15 meeting of the Soulcialist Party Workers, we’ll be providing a special winter warmer session of hot new soul sounds. Alongside all your newer favorites, and some of your old ones, you’ll hear special selections of some of the very BEST in hot-hot soul records – be they of the Mod, Latin, Funk, or Northern variety!

Check the Soulcialism Myspace site for sound clips of some of these tunes, up later today!

Top-Five New Tracks you’ll hear at this month’s Soulcialism:

The Tranells, “Blessed With a Love”
Uber-rare – until now! Possibly one of the greatest overlooked soul songs of the 60s, a Philly group with (apparently) some bad-boy backgrounds, belied by their sweet, sweet harmonies and uplifting tempo. Brought to you on a beautiful, LEGAL, and great-sounding reissue 45 released by Soulcialism regular Des “The Great Communicator” Parker.

Ben E. King, “I Can’t Break the News To Myself”
The “Stand By Me” singer’s finest effort? Huge, booming vocals, cheesy crescendos, dynamics to die for – if you like Soulcialism standards like Tom Jones’ “Stop Breakin’ My Heart,” you might pass out when this drops.

Bobby Valentin, “Bad Breath”
Boog-A-Loo like you know you do! Latin soul killer in the “Bang Bang” stylee from the guy that brought you crowd-pleasing favorite, “Use it Before You Lose It.” (You’ve clapped your hands to it. A lot.)

Lynn Vernado, “Wash and Wear Love” and “Second Hand Love”
I bought this for the A side, which is a Blackpool Mecca fave (for you Northern geeks – if there are any reading…) and which we heard to brilliant dance-floor effect at the Keb Darge/Andy Smith/Butch night in London in September. Lo and behold, the B side might be better?? You’ll hear ‘em both.

Marie “Queenie” Lyons, “Drown in my Own Tears”
Hotter-than-hell funk from one of James Brown’s protégé’s in the Lyn Collins soul/funk vein. When we funk thangs up a li’l bit, this one’ll pop on and you’ll pop out.