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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Soulcialism Fourthiversary

Soulcialism. Four years on. You've come a long way, baby.

Friday night at the White Eagle.

There's gonna be all your normal Soulcialism goodies - cheap booze, great music, hot sweaty dancing. Add in a free CD of hot Soulcialist newies, and some lovely little confectionaries from some of our pals and regulars, and you've got a sugar-rushed beer-addled whisky-soaked soul-thrillin' evening of sweat and dirt.

Here's the tracklist for the new CD. Hope you want one. Just ask at the DJ booth - err - table - err - tables-put-together, and we'll hook you up:

Etta James - Mellow Fellow
Aretha Franklin - Rough Lover
The Vontastics - Day Tripper
TSU Tornados - Getting the Corners
Chris Clark - Love's Gone Bad
The Precisions - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)
Dell-Vikings - Finger Poppin' Woman
Norma Jenkins & the Dolls - Airplane Song
Jimmy Holiday - Baby Boy's in Love
Marie "Queenie" Lyons - Fever
The Mob - Give It To Me
Shelley Shoop - Fair Shake
King Errison - Zola
The Valentinos - Sweeter Than the Day Before
Chuck Corby - Complete Opposites
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals - Purple Haze
+ bonus track Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (recorded live at Wigan Casino, late-70s)


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