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Friday, June 23, 2006

Heavy Music

Soulcialism - tonight - Eagle.

Due to a severe case of Anorak-itis, I'm now going to post the tracklist to the CD we'll be handing out for y'all. Those of you who are normal people with social lives and drug habits, please skip on to the drinking and dancing portion of the evening. The rest of you, here y'are:

As always, some hits, some rarities, some new things, some old faves. Something for everybawdy.

“Shake Your Head” - Soulcialism Summer Soulstice tape

1) Little Eva Harris – Get Ready/Uptight
2) The “5” Royales – Catch That Teardrop
3) Louise Murray – The Love I Give
4) King Errison – Zola
5) Isley Brothers – Tell Me It’s Just a Rumour Baby
6) Stevie Wonder – You Met Your Match
7) Manny Corchado – Chicken & Booze
8) Barbra Carr – Shake Your Head
9) Bob Seger – Heavy Music Part 1
10) Jimmy Hughes – I’m a Man of Action
11) Viola Wills – Together Forever
12) The Spinners – She’s Gonna Love Me At Sundown
13) Lee Dorsey – Ride Your Pony
14) Bart Jackson – Dancing Man
15) Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – If This Ain’t Love
16) Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song
17) The Futures – Our Thing
18) Willie Mitchell – That Driving Beat
19) Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – Purple Haze
20) The Valentinos – Sweeter Than the Day Before

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hitch it to the Mule!

10 p.m. FRIDAY, JUNE 23
White Eagle, 11th & Freyburg, South Side, City of Champions.

Your long-suffering residents, Juddy & Johnno, bring you 4+ hours of the steamiest, sweatiest, floodingest Northern Soul around, as you sip on ridiculously cheap drinks and dance like Jackie Wilson!

PLUS, be one of the first 50* people in the door and celebrate the official start of summer with a brand-new FREE CD of Soulcialism classics and classics-to-be!!! Hits and rarities from The 5 Royales, Stevie Wonder, the Isleys, Manny Corchado and oh-so-many more!!!


*As you know, we sometimes get a li’l lazy, in which case you probably wanna be one of the first 25 people thru the door, ifyaknowwhatImean.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shake Your Head

Those of you who attended SOULCIALISM last Friday night at the White Eagle understand the true meaning of "underground soul". Packed, hot, sweaty and steamy, a bathroom flooded by rainwater and a dancefloor besotten with the loaded and ecstatic!

In other words, THANKS - to our dancing friends, our special guest DJs (Des, Johnny, and Kris), and most importantly to Soccer John for fixing the freakin' P.A. system while I decided to simply retreat into a bottle...

Here are a few new favorites you heard Friday from our guests and residents - watch for some of 'em on a new SOULCIALISM CD to be handed out at our JUNE 23 gig!

Barbra Carr - Shake Your Head - dance floor mind-destroyer
King Errison - Zola - Des Parker gets the most drunks asking "Who IS this?" in Soulcialism history
Saxie Russell - Psychedelic Soul - Johnny Beggs' classic reborn in the Burgh
Esquires - Think - storming funk instrumental version of the Lyn Collins classic
Chris Clark - Love's Gone Bad - just you wait...
Bart Jackson - Dancing Man - for all the hipper-than-thou non-dancing dudes at the bar

See ya next time - juddy