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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Steamy Modern & Breezy Crossover

The return of the Friday Night Rhythm Riot! (Albeit on Thursday night...)

I made myself this mix for the singular purpose of outdoor grilling on warm summer evenings. Now I share it with yinz. But it comes with two warnings...

1) WARNING: This mix, of Steamy Modern & Breezy Crossover, contains some records which many amongst us (including myself) could truthfully think of as ... well ... DISCO. (Hey - cool with me! I love this stuff. But I thought some of you would wanna know.)

2) WARNING: This mix also contains some records - including the first one - which are not in mint condition ... so there WILL be scratchy noise and such. Again, I kinda like that. It's more real and lifelike. But some people are picky.

Anyway, here 'tis... Soulcialism presents...
45 minutes of late '60s, '70s, & even '80s soul!


The Ethics – I Want My Baby Back – Vent
The Quadraphonics – Betcha If You Check It Out – Innovation II
Ultra High Frequency – We’re On the Right Track – Wand
Moments – Nine Times – Stang
Eddie Kendricks – Goin’ Up in Smoke – Tamla
Norman Connors (feat. Prince Philip Mitchell) – Once I’ve Been There – Buddah
Faith Hope & Charity – To Each His Own – RCA
Ecstasy Passion & Pain – Passion – Roulette
Phyllis Hyman – You Know How to Love Me – Arista (LP)
Frankie Kelly – Ain’t it the Truth – TWI
Rhetta Hughes – I Can’t Stand Under This Pressure – Tetragrammaton
The Invitations – They Say the Girl’s Crazy – Silver Blue
The Exceptionals – Unlucky Girl – GRT
Wales Wallace – Somebody I Know – BRC
Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together – Goldmine (reissue)
Continental 4 – The Way I Love You – Jay-Walking
Brooks O’Dell – The Lively Ones – Columbia