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Friday, September 01, 2006

Walking to New Orleans (again)

10pm Fri., Sept. 8
White Eagle, 11th & Freyburg, South Side
DJs Juddy & Johnno bring you four hours of raging northern soul
PLUS for a small donation, take home a CD of New Orleans' soul music - all proceeds go to help Big Easy musicians get back home.

A year ago, Katrina struck, the levees broke, and the combined forces of governmental negligence and mother nature attempted to wash away one of the most vibrant cultural assets in this country.

It's time for the musicians of New Orleans to be brought home. Scattered around the country, homeless and possession-less - even instrument-less - the musicians of New Orleans deserve all the help we, the music lovers, can bring them.

Last year, Soulcialism rush-produced a CD comp of New Orleans northern soul, funk, etc., which raised over $500 for the Tipitina's Foundation and WWOZ-FM (NOLA's brilliant roots radio station). Tip's Fdtn. has helped buy thousands of instruments for New Orleans' area students and musicians, and WWOZ is back on the air live around the clock, keeping the music alive. Meanwhile, the Habitat for Humanity Musicians' Village - a joint effort spawned for HfH by NOLA natives Harry Connick, Jr., and Branford Marsalis - has come together physically. But the red tape, the lack of gigs and health care and money - there are too many barriers keeping NOLA's musical lifeblood from returning home.

That's why the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund exists: To help musicians take advantage of the opportunities out there for them, and to directly aid musicians in both their regular and professional lives.

This time, with a year's worth of music-learning and a little bit more time put into this thing, we're confident we've got a disc that's well worth your donations. Hold On, Help is On the Way: Soulcialism's Northern Soul, Deep Funk and Tough R&B of New Orleans Vol. II is one hot biscuit, straight out tha oven, and when you pick this up at the Eagle on Sept. 8, it'll be in your player 'til next year when you get volume three - guar-an-teed.

All proceeds go straight to the NOMHRF to start helping those musicians who want to move back to the Crescent City, but cannot until someone lends them a hand. Give a li'l back to the people who made the music we love. And have a damn fine time while you're at it.

Hold On, Help is On The Way:
Soulcialism’s Northern Soul, Deep Funk and Tough R&B of New Orleans Vol. II

1. G. Davis & R. Tyler – Hold On Help is On the Way
2. Ernie K-Doe – Come On Home
3. Pitter Pats – Baby, You Hurt Me
4. Diamond Joe – How to Pick a Winner
5. Lee Dorsey – Ride the Poney
6. Curly Moore – Little Sally Walker
7. Art Neville – Arabian Love Call
8. Betty Harris – I’m Evil Tonight
9. Clarence Garlow – Sound the Bell
10. Robert Parker – The Scratch
11. Elliott Small – Stay In My Heart
12. Elmer & Brenda Parker and the Nite Lighters – Got to Get Back to Louisiana
13. Diamond Joe – Gossip Gossip
14. Tommy Ridgley – In the Same Old Way
15. Benny Spellman – Sinner Girl
16. Earl King – Feeling My Way Around
17. Art Neville – What’s Going On
18. River Front Band – Warm Daddy’s Choice
19. The Rubaiyats – Omar Khayyam
20. Elliott Small – Girls Were Made for Loving
21. Irma Thomas – Wish Someone Would Care