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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Soulcialists Abroad

Back from a few weeks in the UK, and just have a minute for a brief update. Our comrade Kris found a way to "need" to be in London two weekends ago, and the two of us hit Andy Smith and Keb Darge's "Lost & Found" night for a few brilliant sets of northern soul, blues, rockabilly, ska and reggae. Special guest Butch - a resident at the famed 100 Club all-niters - made my night early on with Lynn Vernado's "Wash and Wear Love" and a few other favorites. Johnny Beggs, one of Soulcialism's british associates and occasional visiting DJ, was there supping on Czech budweisers and flirting with broads half his age.

Afterwards, it was off to the 100 Club for their 27th anniversary party, along with 15,000 other soul fans (or at least it seemed so). Too many people, too little room, and we were too drunk - Kris, after all, had started the night out on pints of 7.5% cider and never looked back. (He hardly looked forward after about midnight.) I managed to dance my head off 'til about 5am, and then started getting a little dehydrated and dizzy, and figured I'd head home. The wrong way. For about a mile and a half. On foot...

In other words, we, ladies and gentlemen, are MORE than ready for one helluva kickoff to the Fall soulcialism season here in the City of Champions. Oct. 20 is the date, the Eagle is the place - in case you didn't see SPIN magazine. I sincerely hope for a packed house of sweaty dancers moving to a heaping helping of brand-newly acquired sounds. Mmm-hmm.