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Friday, July 27, 2007

Soulcialism: THE NEW BREED

First off, click the link above to download the new FRIDAY NIGHT RHYTHM RIOT mp3 mix!! The setlist is below, and it's basically comprised of about half an hour of stuff I've acquired in the past month, and is essentially for my personal listening, so if you don't like it, 'eves. (but you will.)


You may have noticed that, since the all-niter in may, there's been no Soulcialist Party Workers activity. Well, that's cuz I've gone into semi-retirement on the DJ front, for numerous reasons, all of which have to do with scheduling and workload and stuff. Johnno decided, again for his own reasons, not to continue on at the Eagle on his own...

... but you can't keep a good night down, so put on your best wig and your high-heel sneakers and get ready to shake and fingerpop once again at SOULCIALISM: THE NEW BREED!! We've passed the (golden) torch to your new hosts, Ian and Gordy, both of whom you all know from their monthly drinkin'-and-dancin' bouts at Soulcialism and Restless!!

Everything remains essentially the same: NO cover, NO membership required, the White Eagle, 11th & Freyburg, South Side, FRIDAY AUGUST 10 at 10pm!!

Check the flier:
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NEXT: If you didn't click above, CLICK THIS to download the new Rhythm Riot - Here's that playlist:

Chuck Corby & the Entrees – City of Strangers – Sonic
Four Tees – One More Chance – Kent
Steve Mancha – Just Keep on Loving Me – Groovesville
The Miracles – Shop Around – Tamla (first version)
The Sweethearts – No More Tears – Kent
Major Lance – It’s the Beat – Okeh
Barbara Mason – Bobby Is My Baby – Arctic
The Fascinations – Girls Are Out to Get You – Mayfield
Ray Pettis – Don’t Use Me – Exodus
Little Sonny – Wade in the Water – Enterprise
Pearl Woods – Sippin Sorrow – Charge
Darrow Fletcher – My Young Misery – Groove
Phil Flowers & the Flower Shop – Like a Rolling Stone – A&M
The Corner Boys – Gang War (Don’t Make No Sense) – Neptune
Charles Mintz – Give a Man a Break – Uplook

Awright. Seeyinz august 10. - Juddy