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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer's Here: Let's Riot!

So, like, it's that time of month - time for the Saturday Night Gospel to come alive like the lord 'n'at! 

Des & Johnny are back from the U.K. for another Bit'o'Brit northern soul action, and the Viper Vaults have been bolstered by a plethora of new big, Big, BIG summer hits - many of which you may peruse at your luxury and leisure on this new Rhythm Riot mix! 45 minutes of sweaty funky Soul, raging Rhythm 'n' Booze, and the naughty end of Northern!

I suppose you want a tracklist - not that anyone ever asks... but hey, what'cha gonna do. 

A.C. Reed - Boogaloo Tramp - Nike
Carl Burnett (no, not Carol, though that'd rule) - Jerk Baby Jerk - Carmax
Billy Butler & the Chanters - Nevertheless - Okeh
Melvin Davis - Save It - Mala
The Exits - You Got to Have Money - Gemini
Marvin Smith - Have More Time - Brunswick
Gospel Pearls - Two Little Fishes - Imperial LP
Ike & Tina - Finger Poppin - WB
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog - Angel
Willie Baby - Hot Buns Pt. 1 - Ding Dong
Etta & Sugar Pie - In the Basement - Cadet
Marvellos - Why Do You Want to Hurt the One That Loves You - Loma (a bit scratchy... a bit...)
Bart Jackson - Dancing Man - Sound Facts
Edwin Starr - 25 Miles - Gordy
The Swans - Nitty Gritty City - Dore (re)
Velvet Satins - Nothing compares to You - General American
The Capitols - Don't Say Maybe Baby - Karen
The Artistics - I'm Gonna Miss You - Brunswick
Jean Wells - What Have I Got to Lose - Calla
Edwin Starr - Running Back and Forth - Gordy

Yes, yes, yes, a little bit of Northern, of Funky Soul, of Motown, of Crossover, of R&B, even some Boogaloo and Gospel! 

And as a special bonus, I'm making available to you the ENTIRE RUN of the first 10 Rhythm Riot mix installments - ab-so-lute-ly free! 

My pledge to you: This Saturday night, you'll hear four hours of music like this - nothing but the biggest and best from the Soulcialism days ("25 Miles," "Love Really Hurts Without You") right up to the biggest and best records NEVER BEFORE PLAYED IN THE BURGH! (Gospel Pearls, the infamous "Watership Down Band," the grips Des & Johnny will bring!)

Seeya for the GOSPEL on SATURDAY NIGHT!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rhythm Riot #9 part B

UPDATE: Another half hour of Northern Soul and R&B! See below for the first part; this half hour is a bit more laid-back at times, but still concentrates on all-new acquisitions for the Viper Vaults...

YOU GOTTA HEAR IT! And of course, don't forget about PART A (tracklist and info below)!

Seeya this weekend at Vipers Soul Club.

New mix tracklist:

Lee Williams – Girl from a Country Town – Rapda
Millie McLaine – Caught Up – Soulville
The Steelers – Can’t Take This Pain – Epic
Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You’re All I Need to Make It – Capsoul
Little Rock Brotherhood – Girl Watching on Broadway – Ref-O-Ree
The Diplomats – Honest to Goodness – Minit
Nippy Hawkins & the Nip-Tones – It’s Gonna Be Too Late – Lorraine
Sonny Til & the Orioles – Hey! Little Woman – CP Parker
Buddy Lamp – My Tears – Double L
Bobby Jone’s – Talkin’ ‘Bout Jone’s – Expo
Eddie Holland – Candy to Me – Motown
Ronnie Walker – Precious – ABC

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Quick post, because the one I just spent time on got lost to the crash wizard... 

A long time coming, but hey - here's 30 minutes of Northern Soul and wild R&B to start psyching you up for Saturday's Vipers Soul Club - with special guests, Brad Hales and Robert Wells of Ann Arbor Soul Club! 

This mix is almost all records acquired over the past 3 weeks - and what's more, there's another half hour of great new stuff set to pop up on Soulcialism in a few days - check back Wednesday or thursday for swell new 'chunes!

Oh, right, of course, THE MIX ... RHYTHM RIOT #9
Erma Franklin - I Don't Want no Mama's Boy - Epic
June Bateman - Possum Belly Overalls - Shaw
Jessie Mae - Don't Freeze On Me - Dra
Mighty Hannibal - Fishin' Pole - Josie
Professor Shake 'Em Up - Why You Wanna Leave Me - Double L
The Apollas - Mr. Creator - WB
The Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes - Wee 3
The Whispers - Remember - Soul Clock
Patti Drew - Stop and Listen - Capitol
Little Rose Little - You've Got the Love - Roulette
Lorenzo Holden - The Wig - Cee-Jam
Harold Betters - Tall Girl - Gateway
Betty Lavette - I'm Holding On - Big Wheel
John Lee Hooker - Big Legs Tight Skirt - Vee Jay

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rhythm Riot #8 plus CASHIN' IN THIS FRIDAY!

First off, Friday Night - Nov. 16 - I'll be guest DJing at Cashin' In over at the White Eagle, bringing a li'l of that SOULCIALISM thing back to the South Side!

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Second off, click the link above (OR JUST RIGHT-CLICK HERE) to download a brand-new mix of new rekkids - mostly Northern Soul, with some R&B for good measure. Here's a tracklisting.

Panic Buttons – O-Wow! – Chalom
Honey & the Bees – Why Do You Hurt the One Who Loves You – Arctic
Ernie K-Doe – A Certain Girl – Minit
Tawny Reed – Needle in a Haystack – Red Bird
The Themes – Bent Out of Shape – Minit
Queen City Show Band – Eleanor Rigby – Pow!
Ike & Tina – Two is a Couple – Sue
Ikettes – Two Timin’ Double Dealin’ – UA
Howlin’ Wolf – Pop it to Me – Chess
Betty Everett – I’ve Got a Claim On You – One-Derful!
Marilyn Brown – Fortune in Love – Dra
Vibrating Vibrations – Surprise Party for Baby – Neptune
Gene Chandler – After the Laughter – Checker
Will Collins & Will Power – Is There Anything I Can Do – GSS Reissue

Sorry for the brevity - see you FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rhythm Riot: New R&B

Hey! It's that time of the week - time to shimmy & shake to the Friday Night Rhythm Riot!

I've been remiss in my DJing duties of late, but plan on being back with the Riot whenever possible for the next few weeks. And in case you aren't aware, next Thursday - AUGUST 30 - is my birfussday. And in celebration, I've tricked the Big Throwback kids into having me as a guest DJ at the Brillo Box - I'll be playing 70s Northern Soul and "modern", plus some deep funk and a lot lot lot of BOOGALOO!!

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Hope to see yinz there.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW RHYTHM RIOT MIX - all steamy R&B, some serious shakers and quakers, as well as some "belgian" style popcorn bits for the dreamers. And it starts out with one of the best tracks ever to come outta Pittsburgh - Art Falls on Nautilus!

Here's a tracklist:

Art Falls – I Want you Baby – Nautilus
Maxine Brown – You Upset My Soul – Wand
Derek Martin – Daddy Rollin’ Stone – Crackerjack
Lee Tillman – Will Travel – Ron
Cornell Blakely – I Want My Share – Rich
Betty Lavette – What I Don’t Know – Calla
Professor Shake ’Em Up – Why You Wanna Leave Me – Double L
Ray Daniels with Rick & the Ravens – Soul Train – Aura
Ray Pettis – Don’t Use Me – Ex
Ernestine Anderson – Keep an Eye on Love – Juke Box (boot)
Marilyn Brown – Walk on the Wild Side – Dra
Joe Simon – When – Sound Stage 7
Dorothy & the Hesitations – Trying to Work a Plan – Jamie
Vernon & Jewell – That’s a Rockin’ Good Way – Kent
Freddy & the Kinfolk – Blabbermouth – Dade
Elmore James – Rollin’ and Tumblin’ – Fire
Mary De Loach – Move This Thing (Pt. 1) – Arctic


Friday, July 27, 2007

Soulcialism: THE NEW BREED

First off, click the link above to download the new FRIDAY NIGHT RHYTHM RIOT mp3 mix!! The setlist is below, and it's basically comprised of about half an hour of stuff I've acquired in the past month, and is essentially for my personal listening, so if you don't like it, 'eves. (but you will.)


You may have noticed that, since the all-niter in may, there's been no Soulcialist Party Workers activity. Well, that's cuz I've gone into semi-retirement on the DJ front, for numerous reasons, all of which have to do with scheduling and workload and stuff. Johnno decided, again for his own reasons, not to continue on at the Eagle on his own...

... but you can't keep a good night down, so put on your best wig and your high-heel sneakers and get ready to shake and fingerpop once again at SOULCIALISM: THE NEW BREED!! We've passed the (golden) torch to your new hosts, Ian and Gordy, both of whom you all know from their monthly drinkin'-and-dancin' bouts at Soulcialism and Restless!!

Everything remains essentially the same: NO cover, NO membership required, the White Eagle, 11th & Freyburg, South Side, FRIDAY AUGUST 10 at 10pm!!

Check the flier:
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NEXT: If you didn't click above, CLICK THIS to download the new Rhythm Riot - Here's that playlist:

Chuck Corby & the Entrees – City of Strangers – Sonic
Four Tees – One More Chance – Kent
Steve Mancha – Just Keep on Loving Me – Groovesville
The Miracles – Shop Around – Tamla (first version)
The Sweethearts – No More Tears – Kent
Major Lance – It’s the Beat – Okeh
Barbara Mason – Bobby Is My Baby – Arctic
The Fascinations – Girls Are Out to Get You – Mayfield
Ray Pettis – Don’t Use Me – Exodus
Little Sonny – Wade in the Water – Enterprise
Pearl Woods – Sippin Sorrow – Charge
Darrow Fletcher – My Young Misery – Groove
Phil Flowers & the Flower Shop – Like a Rolling Stone – A&M
The Corner Boys – Gang War (Don’t Make No Sense) – Neptune
Charles Mintz – Give a Man a Break – Uplook

Awright. Seeyinz august 10. - Juddy

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Steamy Modern & Breezy Crossover

The return of the Friday Night Rhythm Riot! (Albeit on Thursday night...)

I made myself this mix for the singular purpose of outdoor grilling on warm summer evenings. Now I share it with yinz. But it comes with two warnings...

1) WARNING: This mix, of Steamy Modern & Breezy Crossover, contains some records which many amongst us (including myself) could truthfully think of as ... well ... DISCO. (Hey - cool with me! I love this stuff. But I thought some of you would wanna know.)

2) WARNING: This mix also contains some records - including the first one - which are not in mint condition ... so there WILL be scratchy noise and such. Again, I kinda like that. It's more real and lifelike. But some people are picky.

Anyway, here 'tis... Soulcialism presents...
45 minutes of late '60s, '70s, & even '80s soul!


The Ethics – I Want My Baby Back – Vent
The Quadraphonics – Betcha If You Check It Out – Innovation II
Ultra High Frequency – We’re On the Right Track – Wand
Moments – Nine Times – Stang
Eddie Kendricks – Goin’ Up in Smoke – Tamla
Norman Connors (feat. Prince Philip Mitchell) – Once I’ve Been There – Buddah
Faith Hope & Charity – To Each His Own – RCA
Ecstasy Passion & Pain – Passion – Roulette
Phyllis Hyman – You Know How to Love Me – Arista (LP)
Frankie Kelly – Ain’t it the Truth – TWI
Rhetta Hughes – I Can’t Stand Under This Pressure – Tetragrammaton
The Invitations – They Say the Girl’s Crazy – Silver Blue
The Exceptionals – Unlucky Girl – GRT
Wales Wallace – Somebody I Know – BRC
Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together – Goldmine (reissue)
Continental 4 – The Way I Love You – Jay-Walking
Brooks O’Dell – The Lively Ones – Columbia